1859 Limited Release: Quince

·       Total Gallons:             452.00

·       SG/Bx:                       1.012/3.00

·       Alcohol:                      5.48%

Tasting Notes:  What is quince? Quince is not an apple or a pear, it is simply a quince. While this fruit is rare and hard to find, ours is from nearby West Salem. If you are unfamiliar with quince, one taste will leave you with the beauty of quince fruit. This wild- fermented cider displays strong pineapple flavor with a pear drop bouquet and nuances of vanilla, honey and papaya. The mid-palate rides through a complexity of flavors including peaches, nectarines, and white raspberries. The tannic quince finish will leave you craving for more.


1859 Limited Release: Farmer’s Reserve

·       Total Gallons:              279.19

·       SG/Bx:                        0.9998/-0.04

·       Alcohol:                       7.76%

Tasting Notes:  Aged in Bourbon and Spiced Rum barrels, this bone-dry cider presents refined characteristics of barrel spices and heirloom apples. Prominent spirituous notes are quickly enhanced by hints of vanilla, toffee, butterscotch, and honey. Smooth tannins with essences of orange peels, mango and tropical fruits are left on the finish. 

1859 Limited Release: Winesap

·       Total Gallons:              355.00

·       SG/Bx:                        1.000/0.01

·       Alcohol:                       7.96%

Tasting Notes:  Aged over 1.5 years to refine the true Winesap varietal characteristics that are reminiscent of a cross between a dry-hopped Citra IPA with the fleshy minerality notes of a Willamette Valley Viognier. The nose is greeted with lemon-lime thyme and white pepper nuances. On the palate, prominent mango, stone fruit and honeydew melon essences are finished with hints of pie crust and nectarines. 

1859 Limited Release: Dolgo Dry

·       Total Gallons:              280.00

·       SG/Bx:                        1.000/0.01

·       Alcohol:                       7.90%

Tasting Notes:  Full-bodied and complex crab apple cider. Pronounced tropical aromatics of pineapple and orange blossoms with hints of cedar sawdust. Rounded tangerine tang on the mid-palate. Finished with a distinctly approachable crab apple acidity and nectar-like tannins. 

1859 Limited Release: Green Dragon

·       Total Gallons:              340.73

·       SG/Bx:                        1.005/1.34

·       Alcohol:                       7.20%

Tasting Notes: The Green Dragon apple shines on this semi-dry cider. This dessert apple showcases its rich tropical fruit zest and nutty honey finish. Notes of pear drops, lime, banana, and honeydew melon combine into a medley of complex essences to create a refreshingly dry cider with a marzipan and pistachio finish.

1859 Limited Release: Blackberry Cucumber

·       Total Gallons:              295.68

·       SG/Bx:                        1.013/1.41

·       Alcohol:                       5.76%

Tasting Notes: A unique and delightfully refreshing cider. This ruby red cider has a freshness of being near a mountain stream with the aroma of wildflowers, salmon berries and ripe blackcap berries. Guava, raspberry, grapefruit, and lemon notes mix with herbal nuances throughout. The crisp fresh cucumbers harvested from our 1800’s family farm is sure to take your palate on a roller coaster as it changes drastically with only a slight temperature difference. Also, this cider makes an amazing blend with gin.

1859 Statehood

·       Total Gallons:              505.91

·       SG/Bx:                        1.013/3.35

·       Alcohol:                       5.72%

Tasting Notes: Full-bodied with strong green apple, rose petal and fresh-cut pine. Tropical fruit forward flavors of orange rind, pineapple, passion fruit and papaya; finished with banana and honey notes.


1859 Chemeketan Pear

·       Total Gallons:              486.33

·       SG/Bx:                        1.015/3.77

·       Alcohol:                       5.90%

Tasting Notes: Medium-bodied with an intense bouquet of tree-ripened pears. Juicy Asian pear first meets the palate, followed by notes of fresh green apples, peaches, melon, and tangerine. Nuances of tofee, caramel, honey, and spices on the finish.


1859 Limited Release: South Coast Cranberry

·       Total Gallons:              315.50

·       SG/Bx:                        1.015/4.01

·       Alcohol:                       5.45%

Tasting Notes: Fresh cranberries straight out of a Bandon, Oregon bog. The best quality, juiciest and sweetest bog was hand-chosen by our cranberry farmer for this unique cider. Strong candied cranberry aromas followed by complex spice notes of cinnamon and coriander. Rhubarb, wild strawberries, watermelon, lemonade, and raspberry flavors power through the front of the palate to end with a clean, floral and earthy-flint finish. Cranberry tannins are left lingering on the palate. 

1859 Cherrians

·       Total Gallons:              620.00

·       SG/Bx:                        1.008/2.13

·       Alcohol:                       5.84%

Tasting Notes: At first, earthy all-spice and cinnamon aromatics dominate the senses but are quickly complimented by the flavors of dried cherries, ripe raspberries, raisins, and hints of ginger. The Syrah-like tannic finish is left with nuances of cocoa and black cherries.