1859 Dolgo Dry

·       Total Gallons:              280.00

·       SG/Bx:                        1.000/0.01

·       Alcohol:                       7.90%

Tasting Notes:  Full-bodied and complex crab apple cider. Pronounced tropical aromatics of pineapple and orange blossoms with hints of cedar sawdust. Rounded tangerine tang on the mid-palate. Finished with a distinctly approachable crab apple acidity and nectar-like tannins. 

1859 Farmer's Dry

·       Total Gallons:              246.6

·       SG/Bx:                        0.999/-0.04

·       Alcohol:                       7.00%

Tasting Notes:  Aromatic heirloom dry cider reminiscent of a fine Champagne. Cantaloupe and honeydew melon on the nose followed by lime-zest, jasmine, and ripe navel oranges on the palate. Hints of white pepper and clover spices drive this cider through to finish off with a clean farmhouse bite.

1859 Autumn Strawberry

·       Total Gallons:              377.00

·       SG/Bx:                        1.005/1.40

·       Alcohol:                       5.00%

Tasting Notes:  Semi-dry strawberry cider that drinks like a wine. Unmistakable strawberry aromatics hit the nose with tropical punch and stone fruit notes on the front of the palate. Watermelon, pineapple, orange peel and guava carry this cider through to the long kiwi-honeyberry finish.

1859 Pear Ginger


·       Total Gallons:              124.00

·       SG/Bx:                        1.011/2.95

·       Alcohol:                       5.79%

Tasting Notes: Medium-bodied with rich heirloom apple and candied Asian pear on the front of the palate; finished with a subtle honey ginger note. Pronounced caramel and confectionary flavors with hints of fresh filberts throughout. 

1859 Impeachment

·       Total Gallons:              258.30

·       SG/Bx:                        1.014/3.57

·       Alcohol:                       5.66%

Tasting Notes: We're building a wall, a great, great wall between us and those syrupy, mass produced ciders. This cider is HUGE and has bright bigly fruit of rich peach pie aromas. Appropriately, we kept this cider unfiltered, thick, and gritty. The finish is long and beautiful, it has been documented. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss it, drink it – don’t even wait. Grab it by the fuzz and enjoy its full body.

With every purchase of Impeachment, a portion of the proceeds will be given to progressive charities to help Make America Smart Again. Unlike a tax return, we will provide you all the information about this cider above. Remember, Impeachment starts in the house . . . the cider house.

Alternative Fact (aka Falsehood): We used the largest peaches in the history of the world to make this cider. Period!


1859 Statehood

·       Total Gallons:              356.27

·       SG/Bx:                        1.011/2.92

·       Alcohol:                       5.12%

Tasting Notes: Full-bodied with strong green apple, rose petal and fresh-cut pine. Tropical fruit forward flavors of orange rind, pineapple, passion fruit and papaya; finished with banana and honey notes.


1859 Cherrians

·       Total Gallons:              448.60

·       SG/Bx:                        1.017/4.20

·       Alcohol:                       5.80%

Tasting Notes: Medium-bodied and perfectly balanced with prominent notes of rain-soaked tart cherries; cinnamon and all-spice notes throughout with hints of watermelon and strawberries on the finish.