Finish Work in the Cidery

Things are definitely coming along at the cidery. Last week, we got the walls finished by installing fiberglass reinforced panels, so they are completely washable. We think they look great. 

Joe, our awesome plumber, installed the hot and cold hose bibs throughout the cidery. It's getting closer to being finished and are ecstatic about having water on site. He'll be busy this week installing our bathroom fixtures.

Yesterday was a super productive day - we had lots of help from good friends. We would not have been able to get as far as we did without them. With their help, we were able to finish scrubbing all the concrete walls upstairs from decades of dirt and grime. We also were able to finish unwrapping the remaining posts and beams upstairs from months of protection so we could finish sealing them. It was a total labor of love restoring them, but well worth it.  

Mike, the electrician, was able to install the lights upstairs! What a difference it made inside the space and to be able to see what you're working on! I think the lighting had a bigger impact than I realized and cannot wait until Mike and his crew are able to finish installing them throughout the cidery. 

Thanks to all our help at the cidery yesterday - it was the best birthday present I could have asked for. Lots of labor and love. Thanks to Stephanie, Matt, Mike, Kim, and Brian . . . you all are the best! Stay tuned . . .