Our back to basics philosophy brings you the connection to the land that the fruit was grown. Visit our taproom in historic downtown Salem and see that connection for yourself. At 1859 Cider Co., we're proud producers bringing you seven generations of farming in Salem, Oregon. 

Dan comes from a long line of farming in the Willamette Valley. His background includes a B.S. in Agriculture Business Management and a minor in Biology from OSU. After years of working as an environmental scientist, Dan earned two degrees in both Winemaking and Vineyard Management and has worked in the Oregon wine industry since 2010 alongside Patricia. Dan's proud of his Salem heritage and his entry into the alcohol industry making apple pie moonshine in the back woods of Oregon at an early age - the statute of limitations are up, right? 


Patricia hails from Georgia, which means she didn't realize alcohol could be packaged in something other than plastic or a jug until she moved out west. Her background includes a B.S. in Ecology and M.S. in Environmental Science focused on tree canopy science and soils. After spending her career in the environmental field, she went back to school to earn degrees in Winemaking and Vineyard Management. She's been working in the Oregon wine industry since 2010 alongside Dan.  While she feels she missed her calling as a backup dancer to a bad 80's pop group, she's thrilled to run the day-to-day operations at the cidery. 


Brandon Day is an Oregonian through and through, growing up in Salem. After high school, Brandon moved to Portland where he attended Portland State University and earned degrees in Management, as well as Supply and Logistics. Since falling into the wine industry in 2013, Brandon has been involved in vineyard management, production, hospitality, marketing, and sales. When he is not enduring the labors of the craft beverage, he's out enjoying the great Pacific Northwest hiking, hunting, and fishing. Meet Brandon in the tasting room or see him soon in an establishment near you bringing a keg of 1859 Cider.

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Lizz Wells comes to us from North Carolina and just recently landed in Oregon. Lizz brings a most creative background with her extensive experience in the arts. She has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Fine Arts from East Carolina University and Rutgers University, respectively. Anyone will notice her observant, talented eye for our social media. Her experience in the service industry is obvious to patrons in the taproom and for coordinating any events. Chat with Lizz and you'll find out in an instant why we're so glad she made the trek across the country and landed in our shop. 


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Brian Humiston originates from Utah, but came to Oregon to study Fermentation Science, Chemistry, and Horticulture from Oregon State University. A master of all things fermentation from beer, cheese, wine, and cider - he truly has a knack for creating something to please the palate. We're very fortunate to have Brian's expansive knowledge and meticulous eye to create some amazing hard ciders. Stop by the taproom and see how Brian's unique skill set marrying his creativity with his vigilant cleanliness makes for some awesome things ending up in your glass. 


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Dylan Petrie is a native Oregonian who studied Music Education at Oregon State University. While honing his melodious skills on the clarinet, he learned he has another passion: beer. Dylan started home brewing beer and making cider over the last few years and is inspired to learn as much about production and the industry as he can. Stop by and see Dylan working in production, pouring in the taproom, or even at some of our off-site events as this guy's well rounded. 

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Chris Vold grew up in the woods of Wisconsin working on the land and toiling in mechanics as any good country kid does. Chris made his way to Oregon from North Carolina where he's been working in the food industry. Most recently, he's busy crafting delicious meals for Oregon foodies looking for something creative and delicious. You'll see Chris out and about as he's delivering kegs from Portland to Eugene and everywhere in between. I don't know which sales rep is more excited to have Chris on board, but we all are sure glad he's on the team.