1859 Cider Co. is all about the fruit. We believe in using real fruit, mostly organic, sourced from the Oregon Territory, to make exceptional cider. 

Our back to basics philosophy brings you the connection to the land that the fruit was grown. Visit our taproom and see that connection for yourself. At 1859 Cider Co., we're proud producers bringing you seven generations of farming in Salem, Oregon. 


Whether it's grafting our own bittersharp and bittersweet cider apple varietals to using organic estate fruit to searching for the best organic fruit currently available, we're committed to fruit quality.


We pick the fruit at its optimal ripeness, then sweat the fruit to bring out its character for a complex and well balanced cider.



We press our fruit, tasting as we go to ensure the best quality juice. You'll taste the difference at 1859 Cider Co.